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Recessed  Downhill 

Dan 22

Client requested this area to be shadow free lighting.  This was achieved using used recessed Downhill Dan 22 with two strips of 11Watt high CRI with commercial grade Led Strip.  combined with Italian pendants.

The brief from the customer was to have minimal lighting component so very few downlights. With the Sweet Sixteen Profile we gave them 11w pm of task lighting and on the top of the extrusion 2 x rows of high output LED which was capable of lighting the Kitchen and surrounding area with a bright but peacful indirect light. Our customer was very happy with the outcome..  

These lights have were made for a dual purpose.  The main reason for these lighting objects was to reduce sound levels as they combined accoustic panels and micro perf sound deadening material  and a visable light source while also hiding the necessary fire sprinklers, this was an awesome colaboration with Angus Ceilings.

Our Day / Night extrusion easily hidden on black surfaces until lit.

'Black by day White by Night


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